FBI Submission Only

In some cases the customer may wish to, or be required to, collect the fingerprint data. In these cases, we offer the option for the customer to simply purchase the direct FBI submission service from Inquiries Screening.

Our FBI Channeling service is both modular and secure. If you already have an employee orientation program that includes photos and badging, it may be feasible to complete the enrollment portion of the FBI fingerprint checking in-house. Once the customer completes the enrollment process, our secure Web service will accept electronic fingerprints from clients, as long as they meet EFTS standards.

Once we submit the prints to the FBI, all elements of the service remain the same as our Comprehensive Managed Service. The FBI issues their findings to us, then the customer/authorized recipient has the same access to the customer portal to get results.

Because our system is so flexible, we can tailor our solution to meet your exact needs.